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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my items to arrive for my at-home try on?

We strive to deliver your items within an hour, however certain circumstances can delay a delivery. Such circumstances include poor weather, traffic, number of stores you select items from, and the distance between the stores and your delivery location.

Do you offer the same prices as those offered in the physical store?

Dorrbell works with our retailer partners to offer you the same prices as found in-store.  At times, our prices will be less than what is offered in-store.  This is a decision made by the retailer.  Items offered at a lower price than in-store are marked with a "Sale" tag on product list and product detail pages.

Is there a fee to try items on at home?

A delivery fee of $10 will be charged for each at-home try on.  This amount is paid to your personal shopper.

Should I tip my personal shopper?

Tips are optional, however we do encourage you to tip your personal shopper for delivering great service. Tips are currently handled directly between the customer and the personal shopper.  We will be adding functionality soon so tips can be given from our website and mobile apps.

What fees can I expect to pay?

There is a $10 delivery fee for each at-home try on.  This fee is assessed whether or not you purchase any items.  We do this to encourage our customers to schedule at-home try ons in earnest with an intention to buy something.

Can I cancel an at-home try on?

Yes. At-home try ons can be cancelled at any time before the personal shopper delivers the items for sell to your delivery location. The options to cancel an order are 1) send an email to, 2) reply to the text received from the personal shopper that notifies you the they have started to gather the items for sell, and 3) call (503) 479-5733. There are no cancellation fees.

Can I return items I purchase for a full refund?

Yes.  Returns are processed by Dorrbell, not the store that supplied the item.  Items that have not been worn and that have no visible damage can be returned for a full refund within 10 days of the purchase date.  To request a return, email or call (503) 479-5733.  You will be asked to provide the order number listed on the receipt.